an elf with no memory, a druid with a mission


Two years ago, Brock joined the druidic order of the Gatekeepers. After learning from the greatest minds of the Gatekeepers, Brock felt compelled to start guarding the Brelish city of Wellspring.

The city was assaulted by grell, foul aberrants sent to reclaim something from the town. Brock joined a group of heroes hired to dispatch the source of the creatures and save the city, when he was given a runed paper. The paper flashed and Brock suddenly lost all memories before joining the Gatekeepers.

Now Brock remains focused on saving Wellspring, the only home he really has any memory of, but he won’t be able to ignore his lack of past forever. Elves live a long time, Brock doesn’t even know how old he is, perhaps just a few decades shy of a century. Thats a long time to build enemies, forge friendships, lovers, children.



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