The Conclusion to The Tear of Aureon

Stepping out of the time portal, the group has appeared somewhere in the arctic north, The FrostFell. They’re a week into the future, the time lord putting them just where they needed to be to stop the followers of Malachi from returning the Tear of Aureon to Malachi.

The group ambush the mutatated followers of Malachi, then proceed to run, trying to get as much distance between the World’s End fortress of Malachi and themselves.

The group isn’t ready for the cold, and very quickly it becomes obvious they might not survive wandering around in the FrostFell. Further, their ship is out of range of any kind of Sending rituals, at least for the group. They find a portal leading into the Shadow plane, where they have to make a tough decision, try to survive through the cold shadow plane or head back and destroy Malachi and hope Malachi’s threats are less than the cold weather.

They decide to brave the shadow realm, where they immediately meet some demonic servants of Malachi. The servants turn out to be cowardly after Brock intimidates them into leaving. The group knows its only a matter of time before the demons go and retrieve more forces and possibly Malachi himself.

Determined to get the Tear of Aureon to safety and prevent the apocalyptic future they just escaped from, they make their way.

Ultimately, they make their way back to a portal that leads to the shadow realm of WellSpring. There they use one of the shadow stones Silk stole from the shadarkai and darklings to hop back into the real world.

Pressed for time, carrying an artifact that could lead to the destruction of the world, they send a message to the captain of their ship.

Roughly, the sending dialogue came out as this
Bahrash “Come Get us”
Captain “Who is us? Silk took the ship a few days ago in mourning for you. How are you alive?”
Bahrash “Silk is with us, who did you let steal the ship!?!?!? You’re fired”
Captain “It was a changeling with the Mark of Travel, how many changelings are like that!?!?”
Bahrash “Ok, we’ll talk about it.”

So then they contact the ship
Lithium “Where are you? Silk is a fake. Come get us ASAP
But the ship’s message is poor in response
Crystal Eye “Satin…Lockstone…Help!”

The group finds out that “Silk” the fake silk, took the ship out and never came back. Their living ship, The Crystal Eye, has been locked down.
Meanwhile, Brock received a sending from someone, his son! His son has been sending messages every day, and only today, the first time in Khorvaire since he manifested the Mark of Shadow, has he received it. Then Brock starts asking the group on how they got the ship, why its so important to retrieve the ship.
Lithium then explains the entire story, how they got the ship, how a vampire gave them the ship after they assaulted an elven temple.
BAM! Once the players bring that up, I hand out my pre-written slip, Brock remembers his wife was a priestess at the temple and was killed, his son lives with his sister.

The group decides to take their ship to FlameKeep and try to get the Silver Flame to take the Tear of Aureon and destroy it.

They go to Flamekeep, Fyre reaches into her bag of holding for the Tear of Aureon in its special holding box. But it isn’t there!
Lithium’s artifact points out that Brock has the Tear!
Lithium draws his blade on Brock, Brock accuses the group of being liars, thieves, and worse( being responsible for his wife’s death), but before Brock can pull out the Tear and turn everyone into aberrants… Silk knocks him to the ground unconscious! Silk deftly pulls out the Tear, her hand mutating from touching it, causing her to instantly drop it. Lithium steps in and takes the Tear away using his cloak to hold it safe.

Brock, now having recovered his master assassin skills, immediately stands up, transforms into shadow, and vanishes, reappearing on some rooftop nearby and running for it.

The priests retrieve the Tear and say they’ll look for a way to deal with the Tear of Aureon.

The group realizes that they have a lead on their ship, the guy who was always trying to steal the ship owns a sort of pawn shop here in FlameKeep. Next stop, the guy’s shop…

Time Returned, a prologue

In the Frostfell, far to the north of Khorvaire, deep in a frozen wasteland near the fortress known by its inhabitants as World’s End, air begins to ripple and distort, as if it were turning into a thick molasses and being swirled around. Within seconds a large ten foot diameter vertical disk has manifested, shedding shimmering bright light in a dim land.

In another time, the light from this portal might have been visible for miles in the barren wasteland, or at least by the inhabitants within the icy fortress nearby, but tonight a heavy storm is rolling across the landscape, and the light is obscured by a thick curtain of snow.

A winged humanoid swoops out of the portal and comes to a landing in front of the portal, his scaly wings curling up and around him shielding him somewhat from the snow. The dragonborn grimaces as he looks back at the portal, and already, snow is starting to collect, unnoticed, on his thick eye ridges.

A lithe, muscular figure in heavy hides strides out of the portal next, his axe handle extending and forming a walking aid to push through the deep snow. "Whats this? Snow? ", the man says with a thick Aundarian accent, “Khyber blast all giants, I wanted to go back to Wellspring. Doesn’t anyone keep their word?”

Bahrash just grunts at these words, continuing to look around between the portal and their surroundings.

The next figure rolls out into the snow, two daggers appearing in her lithe hands, her pale purplish eyes growing big as she scans her surroundings. Standing next to Lithium, her pink-white bangs grow longer to shield her face and she pulls her bat-shaped cloak around her, “brrr, where are we? An ice age?”

Next strides another thin, muscular man, this one has an eye patch, and has both a wand and a sword drawn. Immediately after him, a scantily clad woman strides out, her pointed tail lashing angrily. Her rod erupts with flame with a gesture, which she holds close for warmth, “Soooo cold…” she says, her fanged teeth chattering a bit, “I hate this.”

The final figure appears as a swirling mass of darkness first, then outsteps a tall dusky elf, his walk is confident, merely glancing at the snow, and not looking as if he even notices the cold. His eyes glance across the other members of the party, he nods, then he takes in their situation, looking all around. The portal closes almost immediately, leaving everyone in darkness.

Future Theran, the one eyed half elven bard, utters a word and a soft illumination forms, enough to ease the group’s ability to see, but not enough to attract (more) attention.

Lithium scowls a bit at Brock’s suddenly more expressed elven confidence. “That giant spit us out here, can you believe it? I say we go b”

SSSSSHHHHH!”, Brock silences him with a harsh shushing sound and a sharp gesture at his throat. “Syrellishan Sar Vallen” he says softly <elven> you’ll attract their attention</elven>.

“What are you…”, Lithium grows silent as he sees it too, movement across an icy plateau, and his axe transforms into a wickedly shaped, large bardiche, almost seeming to vibrate with power.

An object of great corruption approaches

The voice is within everyone’s minds, but everyone can tell it comes from Lithium’s weapon, and it sounds Angry.

Lithium knows suddenly, from the information hes communicating back and forth mentally with the weapon, what the object is. He can’t help but say it out loud, “The Tear of Aureon”, gesturing towards the approaching group.

Brock only spares Lithium a short glare before he begins channeling energy, the intricate runes covering his face and neck seeming to slither like serpents winding around each other.

A Favor Returned

we had an awesome game yesterday. It was almost nonstop battle, but there was actual roleplaying and game plot interaction the whole time.
The group (which moved 5 years into a post-apocolyptic Eberron future) negotiated with the self-styled Lord of Time to be returned to the past so they could stop the Dalkyr from being released by their failure to retrieve an artifact that did so.
They went to ancient Xendrik to rescue a giant who was imprisoned for experimenting with forbidden magic, they went through a time portal and ended up on a trade route going to the imprisoned giant’s tower which had been taken over by other giants.
While in the forest in ancient xendrik, they heard proto-drow moving up the path carrying a large amount of ore on an oversized tensor’s disc. One of the characters stepped out and bluffed the group into thinking they were from the tower and they’d accompany the group to the tower. Fine, normal enough. Unfortunately for him, one of the players had recently recovered enough of his memories to
remember he wasn’t a peace loving druid but instead a ruthless assassin, so he told the group to assume their places, then unleashed a sneak attack on the protodrow. From there, it went pretty crazy. The peace loving halfelf guy ran off to rescue the imprisoned giant figuring the party who started fighting the elves unnecessarily can handle things themselves
So while the group was fighting, Lithium (the halfelf) surrendered himself to the giants. Brought inside, when they tried to remove all his magic items so he could be thrown in the dungeon downstairs with the renegade giant, he instead, now that he knew where the giant was, transformed into his half-couatl form that has phasing and stepped down through the floor.
There, he saw the giant, but was unable to do more than scratch the adamantite chains, so the giant said to go get the key from his hidden lab. he still had a round of phasing left, so he went back up through the floor into the hidden lab just as the other giants came pounding down the stairs to the dungeon, only to find the giant still imprisoned and no Lithium.
Lithium got the key, but found a giant unfinished version of the oroboros that the “lord of time” uses to manipulate time. So he started suspecting this giant turns into the Lord of Time in the future. Unfortunately without phasing, he had the key but was stuck in the secret lab while he waited for the giants to leave.
meanwhile, the group finished off the proto-drow and some giants that they recovered, then started scouting the tower. At some point, the giants send off another party of giants to see whats going on in the forest, so the group attack. They invade the tower, Lithium sneaks downstairs and rescues Draegoth the giant, and they think things are going well when a lvl 27 storm titan (the Lord they
kept hearing about) comes down and starts knocking everyone down with constant wind storms and lightning strikes. The group ask Draegoth to help, he says if he had the blood of an immortal he could finish his experiment, but otherwise they might have to retreat. People are getting regularly knocked unconscious at this point. Anna has 1 failed death saving throw
Scott volunteers his blood (as a tiefling I allowed it), Draegoth says it must be his hearts blood. Scott says ok, I say he’ll have to make a death saving throw immediately or die, he says ok. He makes it, but hes at 0 bleeding to death. Draegoth activates the oroboros and ages the titan (cuts his hp in half from 500 to 250) Scott fails his next turn, and the turn after that. So many people
are unconscious and the titan is in the middle of the room so its hard for people to get over, finally the warlord dragonborn flies over everything, takes a bunch of damage, but heals Scott just before he dies, bringing him up to half. Draegoth ages the titan a few more times, each time cutting his hp in half, until finally the titan only has 25 hp. Scott takes him nearly down, but everyone is
going to die and 3 more giants who they locked out with a wall of stone (daily utility power) are about to get int, then the assassin uses a daily which of course misses because the titan is still lvl 27 with 40+ defenses, but the power has miss damage because its a daily and the titan dies.
Draegoth opens a time portal and everyone enters, not knowing what they’ll see next.

The Future is Beautiful

The group moves to the future through a ritual gone wrong. Someone used the Tear of Aureon to open a portal to Xoriat, unleashing the madness of the Dalkyr into the world. Legend of Beauty was released by the other Dalkyr, and the Dalkyr quickly overrunning Khorvaire and starting to encroach on the rest of the world.

The group retrieves an artifact that was made to destroy Legend of Beauty, then the group travels to Dolurr to attemtpt to find the Lord of Time. While there, they are attacked by Elomir who traded his soul for the right to attack the group one last time.

The Tear of Aureon Part 2

Here the group finds out the Tear of Aureon is in the town of Wellspring! Further, people are disappearing left and right.

Gray Dust

This should be updated soon.

The Valley of Fyre

This post should be updated soon.

The Touch of Madness [The Tear of Aureon Part 1]
Xoriat is a sea of diseased possibilities, where the stuff of madness seethes in a soup of the incomprehensible and the unnamable—shuddering, squirming, and sentient.

During a shopping trip in the small town closest to their secret fortress, Wellspring, the city was assaulted by a cluster of Grell, great evil creatures high in the ranks of the pets of the Dalkyr. The grell were searching for something called the Tear of Aureon, and believed it was within the city. With the help of Deirdre, a priestess of Aureon who had been making a pilgrimage to the site of one of Aureon’s greatest saints, Estered, the group destroyed all but one of the grell, which escaped.

The city’s mayor, Lord Criswell, asked the heroes to find the source of the madness and put an end to it, promising a reward. It was determined that the origination of the creatures was an ancient storehouse of forbidden knowledge, a sacred temple of Aureon that fell long ago, Forlorn Tower, asking a guide, a local Gatekeeper druid by the name of Brock to guide them there safely.

Brock gladly joined, as fighting the spawn of Xoriat is the primary mission of the Gatekeepers and it was finally time to put use his training. A strange thing occurred before they left though, an elven pilgrim passed Brock a message, a message which flashed with arcane energy upon being read. The moment Brock read the note, his memories were instantly wiped of everything before the point when he joined the Gatekeepers, he now was an elf with no past. Brock had little left, just his training to go after aberrations, and he joined the group to protect Wellspring.

Travelling to Forlorn Tower, the first sign that something was wrong was a corruption in the forest. Strange mutations, obscene colors, pestilent creatures all thrived in the vicinity closest to the tower. When they arrived, it at first seemed abandoned, a great waterfall having long ago torn a hole right through the center of the tower making it an unstable, dangerous, wreck of a place. But soon enough it was apparent that the place was filled to the brim with strange creatures, all of them hostile. The group, over several days, fought their way to the peak of Forlorn Tower. Along the way, they found the remnants of a mercenary group called the Stormcrows who had been hired to find the Tear of Aureon. Utilizing Brock’s knowledge of Gatekeeper rituals, they managed to recover a knight named Denva, who had taken control of the Grimlocks in the area and a sorceress named Shantaira, though little of her sanity remained.

In the end, they had a climactic battle with one who had mastered the Tear of Aureon, Elomir. He was too far gone to be recovered, but the group found out a few facts over the course of their journey.
  • Elomir was the source of the grell, so no more aberrants will be sent to WellSpring
  • The StormCrows had been hired by someone known as Cylus, but shortly after the StormCrows were transformed by the relic, shadowy creatures stole it from them.

Lord Criswell celebrated the group as heroes, Deirdre assumed the mantle of priestess of what had been the abandoned Temple of Aureon, and Denva, Shantaira remained with Deirdre to recover, though Shantaira is mostly catatonic most of the time.

From darkness to understanding and back again

After recovering from their amnesia, the group, left with only the Barracuda, are determined to retrieve their lost skyship, The Crystal Eye. While moving around, looking for clues, they are approached by two groups in an explosive confrontation that nearly results in bloodshed.

House Orien offers lucrative contracts as mercenaries working for the house, as well as allowing to keep the skyship, The Crystal Eye. House Lyrandar on the other hand offers the group full membership within the House, lower ranking nobles as it were. As full members of House Lyrandar, the group would receive less direct compensation, but a greater percentage of contracts. The group chooses to become members of House Lyrandar, ignoring the subtle threats of House Orien.

The group heads off with a new skyship under the command of Captain Thalin d’Lyrandar. They hire a crew of House Lyrandar half elves to operate the Barracuda in their absence, receiving a percentage of profits the ship makes. Heading to the last site where the Crystal Eye was seen, they had to the site of the rift, the Gray Isle.

Convincing captain Thalin d’Lyrandar to go through the rift, the ship passes through the rift and everyone on board is jolted by the dimensional travel. When they recover their senses, the skyship is stuck in a complex web like that of a colossal spider! They look over the side, expecting some monstrous threat, only to see a group of pale yellow skinned humanoids running over the thick cords of webbing. They ignore the group’s calls, promptly splashing paint on the ship’s side and forming strange runes.

The group leap off the ship and begin attacking the strange humanoids but aren’t fast enough. One by one the humanoids fall into the chasm underneath the spiderweb, but too late, the skyship begins to shrink dramatically and is pulled off into a high tower overlooking a city nearby. The group slaughters the remaining members of the gith party, but their skyship is gone.

The group enters the city, abandoned and empty. The city is ancient, gothic, with high spires. They wander around, getting closer to the tower, and apparently the destination of their stolen skyship, when something occurs throughout the city and the city is suddenly full of life once again. A wide variety of races, all living, not dead shades despite this being Dolurr, the land of the dead, are suddenly occupying the city. The group, shocked by this happening, are even more shocked to see the gith coming down the street being lead by a priest-like gith who holds a staff. Above the staff is a rift in space through which the group can see a glowing symbol shaped like that of the infinity symbol. Seeing the rest of the city populace quickly hiding from the gith, the group hides as well, watching the gith walk by. The gith seem to be looking for someone(s), the party?

The group hunt around, trying to figure out whats happening, when an hour later, the group black out, waking back up where they were when people first appeared. By talking to the populace, its apparent that everyone is stuck in an infinite loop. Only one thing can end the group from its loop, dying too many times in a row causes the person to turn into dust.

Every hour, of every day, is repeated, but healing is only accomplished every day, so thus a person can die. The group try to talk with the oldest member of the city, everyone else being strangers who were caught in the trap of the city, but the oldest member says his secret for survival has been to turn in miscreants to the gith, and the group has to fight off the gith. As the group fights, the city resets, and the group decide to begin trying to take the tower.

Assaulting the city through many many hours, they work their way slowly in, changing their tactics just as the owner of the tower changes his patterns in response to them. Ultimately, they make a deal with the master of the tower, an ancient giant known as The Lord of Time.

The Lord of Time has been stabbed in the stomach with a spear by his ancient enemy, Baphomet. The spear has been enchanted so it can only be touched by the hand of Baphomet. The Lord of Time, possessing the 4 air ships, the Crystal Eye, and the group’s newest skyship, shrunken in a birdcage like structure, he uses the skyships to entertain him, as his life consists of repeating the last hour of his death, until he can figure out a way to counter the spear stuck in his side.

The group makes a deal with the group to kill Baphomet, and give them a mercury-like object shaped like a dagger. Stab the demon lord when he is weak, he says, and they will be able to overcome the Iron King.

The group heads to the Plane Below, defeating a treant who guards the portal. Standing in the realm of Baphomet, at least an aspect of the demon lord. They worry how they are to overcome the being. In the Chaos Below, they stand on a donut shaped asteroid, above them, they can see the castle of Baphomet, a structure shaped like a giant conch shell, surrounded by deep canyons formed like a massive labyrinth and beyond that, a river of magma.

The group meet a talkative azer, a flaming dwarf-like individual, named Shawg. Shawg tells them he is waiting for the efreet to come, and sure enough, a line of efreet tents pulled by nightmares comes through, picking up Shawg. The group get on board, quickly making a deal with the efreet lord trading Bahrash’s arm for 6 griffins and a ritual to form a crude replacement out of magic.

The group, flying on the griffins they traded Bahrash’s arm for, invade the castle, overcoming Baphomet’s medusa priestess, passing through a mystical labyrinth, and defeating the Iron King, the Lord of Beasts, Baphomet.

It turns out that the Lord of Time only wanted Baphomet’s hand, in order to pull out the spear. Freed of the spear, the Lord of Time tells the group they must leave soon or stay within the time loop forever, and to take the sphere of airships with them. The Lord of Time opens a portal back to Eberron, and the group passes through.

Only to find themselves back in time, watching their past selves performing a strange ritual in front of one of the monoliths. They watch, waiting for the group to snap out of it, when Lithium realizes he must use some of the powers he’s developed to break the enchantment, thus fulfilling the past by freeing their old selves.

Its a paradox, but thats how it happens. The group decides to hide out, try to prevent their past selves from realizing what has happened. They contact Theran, trusting him to keep their secret, and pull their trusted crew of Captain Thalin d’Lyrandar out of their airship and put them on The Crystal Eye. Theran tells them that their hidden fortress is being sieged by dragonborn.

Defending Theran and their fortress, they tell Theran to look for why the dragonborn would have been attacking, and also to keep their existance a secret from their past selves.


Lithium’s contacts via his mother’s side of the family have put together a few pieces of information, and confirmation that if the four lost skyships are found, there will be a reward. Further, if the skyships along with the crew are found, the reward will be even greater. The ships had been hired by a wealthy patron, the crews signed on to confidentiality agreements. The possibility of loss was high, but the patron paid the expensive bonds that House Lyrandar required. Still, they hadn’t asked for enough to truly cover four skyships, since it hadn’t seemed feasible that all four ships had been lost. Working with House Sivas, hundreds of Sendings have been sent out, none of them within reach. This indicates one of two things, either the targets of the Sendings are dead…or they are not in this world any longer.

With that in mind, you have travelled throughout Khorvaire. Some of your travels were to maintain relationships, others were to follow leads. You know the patron who hired the four ships is a dwarf named Borndak Khalvonson. Borndak controls a large portion of the trade in Siberys shards, and is highly ranked Concordian member of the business alliance, The Aurum. Borndak has a reputation for ruthless business negotiations, his competitors in the Siberys trade often backing out of deals rather than to compete directly with him. Borndak works out of Korth, capital of Karnath. Borndak was not on the ships, and is reputed to be quite angry at having lost the four skyships, but not angry enough to close ties with House Lyrandar, after all, all of the Great Houses are huge consumers of Siberys shards. You’ve learned that Borndak is a collector of unique things, that he has a predilection for women who are just as unique as his collection, and that while he considers himself to be one of the foremost scholars on ancient objects and antiquities, in truth his knowledge extends only far enough to impress his trading partners.

As you travel, you hear more of these Riedran ambassadors traveling throughout Khorvaire. It seems wherever you go there are stories of a representative of Riedra making negotiations with the local political leaders. You have yet to see any of these Riedrans, but through several dream sendings, Samhain has encouraged you to follow his lead on Riedrans traveling to the Talenta Plains. It seems that at least four groups of Riedrans have travelled to the Talenta Plains and none of them have left. What could so many Riedrans be doing there? Its up to you to find out.

Having hired a halfling raptor rider by the name of Aug, you have been lead deep into the Talenta Plains. Aug says he was hired by a few people with strange accents (like Denar’s) a year before to take them to one of the old temples. Since then, Riedrans keep coming, though none of them have left. The temple is forbidden, Aug’s people have tails of serpent people with feathered wings eating the insides out of people and sending them back to their camps with monsters hiding iside. However, Aug is glad to take coin to bring foolish Big People to the temple, though he won’t go all the way, just far enough to indicate the path into the valley where the temple lies. Aug says farewell and good luck, and you head into the valley. Brilliant Light. A snake eating its own tail. A pulsing dark sphere sending tendrils of black energy out into the world like a sickly parasitical plant.

Lithium screams, glowing wings stretching out from his back and sinking into everyone’s heads. You open your eyes as if you can see for the first time. You stand in front of a massive obelisk. This large egg-shaped structure is thirty feet tall, engraved with strange swirling patterns which if looked at cause you to get distracted as your eyes follow the curves up ad around, inside and outside, and all you can think of is….eternity. Each time this happens, someone or other interrupts it, breaking you out of your trance, just as you break your allies out of their trances when they look at it. Denar says one thing as he looks at the monolith. “Hanbalani”. He was standing in the middle of a circle formed by the rest of the party, holding up a dagger made of purple crystal, when you all awakened as if from a dream.

It has been nine months. You don’t know what has happened over the past few months, though Theran is angry, he scaled down the cliff, got his own teleport ritual (and gummy bears), and has been teleporting things back and forth between your secret fortress. You never replied to any Sendings from Theran, Samhain, or anyone else. You’ve learned the hanbalani, the obelisk you were standing in front of, was a gift to Fairhaven in Aundair, from Riedra. The obelisk is smaller than the obelisks in Sarlona, which Denar says are well over a hundred feet high. The obelisks radiate peace and tranquility, apparently they are a gesture from Sarlona as a wish for the War to never start again. Wroat, the capital of Breland, Korth of Karnath, and The Great Crag (capital of Droaam) have all accepted these gifts. The rest of the countries are unsure whether to accept the monoliths at this point, though Riedra is supposed to be in intense negotiations to get them outside of all of the major cities of Khorvaire.

Bahrash has grown a pair of wings in the past nine months, though they are still young and have a ways to go yet, the rest of the group has found they too have gained new abilities in the past nine months. Denar retains the crystal dagger, as well as a signed seal granting passage throughout Riedra for himself and his companions. Everyone also finds that they have a few more items while have lost others.


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