Crystal Eye

An elemental airship bound to the soul of a warforged


The Crystal Eye (modified by Theran) Gargantuan vehicle HP 400; Space 8 squares by 20 squares; Cost: 85,000 gp AC 4; Fortitude 20; Reflex 2; Speed 0, fly 12 (hover), overland flight 18 Pilot The pilot must stand at the control wheel and either possess the Mark of Travel or make an Arcana check DC 30 each hour (failure makes the ship uncontrollable for 1 round) Crew In addition to the pilot, the Crystal Eye requires a crew of ten, all of whom use a standard action each round to help control the ship. Reduce the ship’s speed by 1 for every 5 missing crew members (round down).

To load any of these weapons requires a standard action, and another to fire it, meaning that normally two people are stationed at each weapon. 3 Ballistae, one has a 180 degree arc on the front of the ship, the other two has 2 90 degree arcs on either front side. (all in front of the ring). Cannot fire above the ship. Ranged Basic Attack-1 to deal 3d12+ 10 damage. Paragon is 3d12+20 Epic is 3d12+30. 1 catapult on the pilot’s room, can cover the back 180 degrees of the ship (behind the ring) as well as above the ship. In addition to regular rocks, the catapult can also fire alchemical weapons. Ranged Basic Attack-5 to deal 2d10+ 20 damage. Paragon is 2d10+35 Epic is 3d10+50.

Load Forty Medium creatures; thirty tons of cargo Out of Control An out-of-control airship moves forward at half speed. Each round, it has a 50% chance of descending. It descends 5 squares for the first 10 rounds it is out of control. After 10 rounds, it descends 10 squares per round. An out-of-control airship that hits the ground after descending more than 20 squares is destroyed. The Crystal Eye has 5 decks: an exterior observation platform, the crew deck, the pleasure deck, the living area deck, and the storage deck. Dimension Shift(at-will; move 1/round) The pilot with the mark of travel expends a healing surge and can teleport the ship up to 10 squares. Teleport (at-will; standard 1/hour) The pilot with the mark of travel expends 1d4 healing surges and chooses a cardinal direction. Roll a d6, on a 1-2 its 1 cardinal direction towards north, 3-4 its dead on, and 5-6 its 1 cardinal direction towards south. Larness Larness, the soul of the ship, can choose to hinder or aid the pilot, increasing or decreasing the ship’s speed by 2. Also Larness can choose to prevent the ship from teleporting, as the teleport relies on Larness’ ability as well as the pilot. Captain Alwain: The currently hired House Lyrandar captain has the Mark of Storm. He can spend a healing surge to increase or decrease the speed of the ship by 2 for one encounter.


House Orien has traditionally dominated the shipping trade, at least until a few decades when the first House Lyrandar elemental airships began to roll out of the Zilargo docks. Skyships are composed of soarwood making them as light as air, an aspect that makes them vulnerable to bad weather but also is assisted by the keepers of the Mark of Storm.

House Orien, especially with its Lightning Rail framework split in two by the Mournlands, was looking for a way to make use of its unique magic related to the Mark of Travel and get their own sky travel. They formed a deal with House Phiarlan who knew of a House Cannith artificer unhappy with the restraints put upon him by the Treaty of Thronehold which ended the war.

The Crystal Eye is a skyship originally envisioned by the crazed House Cannith Master Maker Xander Onyx d’Cannith. Xander came up with the idea that rather than have a mere ship bound to a vaguely sentient elemental, one could take the soul of a warforged and combine it with the ship, making it sentient and able to react to its environment in a way that a normal ship would never do. Further, Xander knew of a warforged who had displayed the Mark of Travel, an odd but not totally unique trait, which would be doubly useful, especially in getting House Orien funds.

House Phiarlan arranged to keep everything secret by delivering elven soarwood to Xander, along with the necessary elemental ring from Zilargo, and assistance by a renegade shipbuilder from House Lyrandar, Theran.

House Orien hired Larness to investigate the Mournlands, but really ambushed her and extracted her essence, where Xander bound her into the Crystal Eye. Larness ended up being less than happy, especially as her special one,Chrome , was trapped underneath the Mounrlands where they ambushed her. Xander ended up having to build a control stone to bind her effectively making the ship little more than a normal airship, though granted one that could only be fully controlled by someone with the Mark of Travel.

House Phiarlan, looking to get the ship to Aerenal where they could properly negotiate with House Orien, hired the adventuring party who possessed a renegade person with the Mark of Travel(Silk), to take the ship back to Aerenal, along with the discovered corpse of one of their heroes, Keylith.

The adventuring party ended fleeing Aerenal, after it was discovered that Keylith was actually a vampire from the cult of the Blood of Vol, taking the ship with them. Shortly afterward, they broke the lockstone and began to deal with Larness directly.

Since then, the Crystal Eye has formed the mobile headquarters for the group.

Crystal Eye

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