The Touch of Madness [The Tear of Aureon Part 1]

Xoriat is a sea of diseased possibilities, where the stuff of madness seethes in a soup of the incomprehensible and the unnamable—shuddering, squirming, and sentient.

During a shopping trip in the small town closest to their secret fortress, Wellspring, the city was assaulted by a cluster of Grell, great evil creatures high in the ranks of the pets of the Dalkyr. The grell were searching for something called the Tear of Aureon, and believed it was within the city. With the help of Deirdre, a priestess of Aureon who had been making a pilgrimage to the site of one of Aureon’s greatest saints, Estered, the group destroyed all but one of the grell, which escaped.

The city’s mayor, Lord Criswell, asked the heroes to find the source of the madness and put an end to it, promising a reward. It was determined that the origination of the creatures was an ancient storehouse of forbidden knowledge, a sacred temple of Aureon that fell long ago, Forlorn Tower, asking a guide, a local Gatekeeper druid by the name of Brock to guide them there safely.

Brock gladly joined, as fighting the spawn of Xoriat is the primary mission of the Gatekeepers and it was finally time to put use his training. A strange thing occurred before they left though, an elven pilgrim passed Brock a message, a message which flashed with arcane energy upon being read. The moment Brock read the note, his memories were instantly wiped of everything before the point when he joined the Gatekeepers, he now was an elf with no past. Brock had little left, just his training to go after aberrations, and he joined the group to protect Wellspring.

Travelling to Forlorn Tower, the first sign that something was wrong was a corruption in the forest. Strange mutations, obscene colors, pestilent creatures all thrived in the vicinity closest to the tower. When they arrived, it at first seemed abandoned, a great waterfall having long ago torn a hole right through the center of the tower making it an unstable, dangerous, wreck of a place. But soon enough it was apparent that the place was filled to the brim with strange creatures, all of them hostile. The group, over several days, fought their way to the peak of Forlorn Tower. Along the way, they found the remnants of a mercenary group called the Stormcrows who had been hired to find the Tear of Aureon. Utilizing Brock’s knowledge of Gatekeeper rituals, they managed to recover a knight named Denva, who had taken control of the Grimlocks in the area and a sorceress named Shantaira, though little of her sanity remained.

In the end, they had a climactic battle with one who had mastered the Tear of Aureon, Elomir. He was too far gone to be recovered, but the group found out a few facts over the course of their journey.
  • Elomir was the source of the grell, so no more aberrants will be sent to WellSpring
  • The StormCrows had been hired by someone known as Cylus, but shortly after the StormCrows were transformed by the relic, shadowy creatures stole it from them.

Lord Criswell celebrated the group as heroes, Deirdre assumed the mantle of priestess of what had been the abandoned Temple of Aureon, and Denva, Shantaira remained with Deirdre to recover, though Shantaira is mostly catatonic most of the time.


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