The Conclusion to The Tear of Aureon

Stepping out of the time portal, the group has appeared somewhere in the arctic north, The FrostFell. They’re a week into the future, the time lord putting them just where they needed to be to stop the followers of Malachi from returning the Tear of Aureon to Malachi.

The group ambush the mutatated followers of Malachi, then proceed to run, trying to get as much distance between the World’s End fortress of Malachi and themselves.

The group isn’t ready for the cold, and very quickly it becomes obvious they might not survive wandering around in the FrostFell. Further, their ship is out of range of any kind of Sending rituals, at least for the group. They find a portal leading into the Shadow plane, where they have to make a tough decision, try to survive through the cold shadow plane or head back and destroy Malachi and hope Malachi’s threats are less than the cold weather.

They decide to brave the shadow realm, where they immediately meet some demonic servants of Malachi. The servants turn out to be cowardly after Brock intimidates them into leaving. The group knows its only a matter of time before the demons go and retrieve more forces and possibly Malachi himself.

Determined to get the Tear of Aureon to safety and prevent the apocalyptic future they just escaped from, they make their way.

Ultimately, they make their way back to a portal that leads to the shadow realm of WellSpring. There they use one of the shadow stones Silk stole from the shadarkai and darklings to hop back into the real world.

Pressed for time, carrying an artifact that could lead to the destruction of the world, they send a message to the captain of their ship.

Roughly, the sending dialogue came out as this
Bahrash “Come Get us”
Captain “Who is us? Silk took the ship a few days ago in mourning for you. How are you alive?”
Bahrash “Silk is with us, who did you let steal the ship!?!?!? You’re fired”
Captain “It was a changeling with the Mark of Travel, how many changelings are like that!?!?”
Bahrash “Ok, we’ll talk about it.”

So then they contact the ship
Lithium “Where are you? Silk is a fake. Come get us ASAP
But the ship’s message is poor in response
Crystal Eye “Satin…Lockstone…Help!”

The group finds out that “Silk” the fake silk, took the ship out and never came back. Their living ship, The Crystal Eye, has been locked down.
Meanwhile, Brock received a sending from someone, his son! His son has been sending messages every day, and only today, the first time in Khorvaire since he manifested the Mark of Shadow, has he received it. Then Brock starts asking the group on how they got the ship, why its so important to retrieve the ship.
Lithium then explains the entire story, how they got the ship, how a vampire gave them the ship after they assaulted an elven temple.
BAM! Once the players bring that up, I hand out my pre-written slip, Brock remembers his wife was a priestess at the temple and was killed, his son lives with his sister.

The group decides to take their ship to FlameKeep and try to get the Silver Flame to take the Tear of Aureon and destroy it.

They go to Flamekeep, Fyre reaches into her bag of holding for the Tear of Aureon in its special holding box. But it isn’t there!
Lithium’s artifact points out that Brock has the Tear!
Lithium draws his blade on Brock, Brock accuses the group of being liars, thieves, and worse( being responsible for his wife’s death), but before Brock can pull out the Tear and turn everyone into aberrants… Silk knocks him to the ground unconscious! Silk deftly pulls out the Tear, her hand mutating from touching it, causing her to instantly drop it. Lithium steps in and takes the Tear away using his cloak to hold it safe.

Brock, now having recovered his master assassin skills, immediately stands up, transforms into shadow, and vanishes, reappearing on some rooftop nearby and running for it.

The priests retrieve the Tear and say they’ll look for a way to deal with the Tear of Aureon.

The group realizes that they have a lead on their ship, the guy who was always trying to steal the ship owns a sort of pawn shop here in FlameKeep. Next stop, the guy’s shop…


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