Recap - Encounters with Kanakus

While taking their airship, The Crystal Eye, into the Mournlands, they saw a dragon flying through the sky.  Thinking the dragon meant to attack, the group fired a ballista at it, enraging the dragon.

 The dragon, who they would later know as Kanakus, landed on the deck of the ship demanding tribute in response.  The group declined, driving the dragon off. 

 Later they discovered the dragon had ravaged the Crystal Eye while the party had been preoccupied trying to reseal the dalkhyr that House Cannith had weakened some five years before.  This was also where they rescued Chrome

Declaring revenge, they went after the lair of Kanakus, which their ship, animated by the spirit of Larness as she is, had tracked down.  They invaded the lair, wiping through the forces of Kanakus, but the dragon was off investigating yet another fragment of the Draconic Prophecy. 

 Heading to Noldrunthrone, the party entered the lost city of the dwarves looking to finish the job they had started at the lair of Kanakus.  Finish the job they did, slaying Kanakus and discovering the fragment themselves.

On uncertain land, an unwelcome pact is made with one who is prince and thief, captain and ruler, for the location of the stolen rock from the skies.

 As of yet, the party has not figured out what the fragment means.


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