From darkness to understanding and back again

After recovering from their amnesia, the group, left with only the Barracuda, are determined to retrieve their lost skyship, The Crystal Eye. While moving around, looking for clues, they are approached by two groups in an explosive confrontation that nearly results in bloodshed.

House Orien offers lucrative contracts as mercenaries working for the house, as well as allowing to keep the skyship, The Crystal Eye. House Lyrandar on the other hand offers the group full membership within the House, lower ranking nobles as it were. As full members of House Lyrandar, the group would receive less direct compensation, but a greater percentage of contracts. The group chooses to become members of House Lyrandar, ignoring the subtle threats of House Orien.

The group heads off with a new skyship under the command of Captain Thalin d’Lyrandar. They hire a crew of House Lyrandar half elves to operate the Barracuda in their absence, receiving a percentage of profits the ship makes. Heading to the last site where the Crystal Eye was seen, they had to the site of the rift, the Gray Isle.

Convincing captain Thalin d’Lyrandar to go through the rift, the ship passes through the rift and everyone on board is jolted by the dimensional travel. When they recover their senses, the skyship is stuck in a complex web like that of a colossal spider! They look over the side, expecting some monstrous threat, only to see a group of pale yellow skinned humanoids running over the thick cords of webbing. They ignore the group’s calls, promptly splashing paint on the ship’s side and forming strange runes.

The group leap off the ship and begin attacking the strange humanoids but aren’t fast enough. One by one the humanoids fall into the chasm underneath the spiderweb, but too late, the skyship begins to shrink dramatically and is pulled off into a high tower overlooking a city nearby. The group slaughters the remaining members of the gith party, but their skyship is gone.

The group enters the city, abandoned and empty. The city is ancient, gothic, with high spires. They wander around, getting closer to the tower, and apparently the destination of their stolen skyship, when something occurs throughout the city and the city is suddenly full of life once again. A wide variety of races, all living, not dead shades despite this being Dolurr, the land of the dead, are suddenly occupying the city. The group, shocked by this happening, are even more shocked to see the gith coming down the street being lead by a priest-like gith who holds a staff. Above the staff is a rift in space through which the group can see a glowing symbol shaped like that of the infinity symbol. Seeing the rest of the city populace quickly hiding from the gith, the group hides as well, watching the gith walk by. The gith seem to be looking for someone(s), the party?

The group hunt around, trying to figure out whats happening, when an hour later, the group black out, waking back up where they were when people first appeared. By talking to the populace, its apparent that everyone is stuck in an infinite loop. Only one thing can end the group from its loop, dying too many times in a row causes the person to turn into dust.

Every hour, of every day, is repeated, but healing is only accomplished every day, so thus a person can die. The group try to talk with the oldest member of the city, everyone else being strangers who were caught in the trap of the city, but the oldest member says his secret for survival has been to turn in miscreants to the gith, and the group has to fight off the gith. As the group fights, the city resets, and the group decide to begin trying to take the tower.

Assaulting the city through many many hours, they work their way slowly in, changing their tactics just as the owner of the tower changes his patterns in response to them. Ultimately, they make a deal with the master of the tower, an ancient giant known as The Lord of Time.

The Lord of Time has been stabbed in the stomach with a spear by his ancient enemy, Baphomet. The spear has been enchanted so it can only be touched by the hand of Baphomet. The Lord of Time, possessing the 4 air ships, the Crystal Eye, and the group’s newest skyship, shrunken in a birdcage like structure, he uses the skyships to entertain him, as his life consists of repeating the last hour of his death, until he can figure out a way to counter the spear stuck in his side.

The group makes a deal with the group to kill Baphomet, and give them a mercury-like object shaped like a dagger. Stab the demon lord when he is weak, he says, and they will be able to overcome the Iron King.

The group heads to the Plane Below, defeating a treant who guards the portal. Standing in the realm of Baphomet, at least an aspect of the demon lord. They worry how they are to overcome the being. In the Chaos Below, they stand on a donut shaped asteroid, above them, they can see the castle of Baphomet, a structure shaped like a giant conch shell, surrounded by deep canyons formed like a massive labyrinth and beyond that, a river of magma.

The group meet a talkative azer, a flaming dwarf-like individual, named Shawg. Shawg tells them he is waiting for the efreet to come, and sure enough, a line of efreet tents pulled by nightmares comes through, picking up Shawg. The group get on board, quickly making a deal with the efreet lord trading Bahrash’s arm for 6 griffins and a ritual to form a crude replacement out of magic.

The group, flying on the griffins they traded Bahrash’s arm for, invade the castle, overcoming Baphomet’s medusa priestess, passing through a mystical labyrinth, and defeating the Iron King, the Lord of Beasts, Baphomet.

It turns out that the Lord of Time only wanted Baphomet’s hand, in order to pull out the spear. Freed of the spear, the Lord of Time tells the group they must leave soon or stay within the time loop forever, and to take the sphere of airships with them. The Lord of Time opens a portal back to Eberron, and the group passes through.

Only to find themselves back in time, watching their past selves performing a strange ritual in front of one of the monoliths. They watch, waiting for the group to snap out of it, when Lithium realizes he must use some of the powers he’s developed to break the enchantment, thus fulfilling the past by freeing their old selves.

Its a paradox, but thats how it happens. The group decides to hide out, try to prevent their past selves from realizing what has happened. They contact Theran, trusting him to keep their secret, and pull their trusted crew of Captain Thalin d’Lyrandar out of their airship and put them on The Crystal Eye. Theran tells them that their hidden fortress is being sieged by dragonborn.

Defending Theran and their fortress, they tell Theran to look for why the dragonborn would have been attacking, and also to keep their existance a secret from their past selves.


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