Events After The Blight (Out of Game Update)

Leaving the vicinity of what will become known as the Gray Island, as colors begin to lose their contract shortly after the place became a manifest zone, the group heads out.

The ship, inscribed with the name Barracuda, requires extensive amounts of cleaning, and isn’t anywhere near as comfortable as The Crystal Eye. On the other hand, its ability to travel underwater for many hours at a time gives it certain qualities of stealth which the Crystal Eye never possessed. It lacks weapons other than a stout adamantine tipped ramming lance, obviously used to attack ships from below by this once pirate vessel.

Therancontacts you via Sending, lets you know he’d appreciate some fresh rations, he’s almost down to the dried preserved stuff. He’s disappointed to find out the Crystal Eye has vanished. A second Sending has Theran asking someone, perhaps Silkor Chrome, to use their teleport circle to bring him rations, or at the very least, a Linked Portal ritual so he can teleport himself in and out, at least until The Crystal Eye is found so you can resume aerial travel. An alternative is the Eagle’s Flight ritual which can create 8 giant eagles to fly in and out.

At port, Lithiummanages to pick up the latest copy of the gnome produced Korranberg Chronicle. In addition to the random discussions and news, mostly House related, it says that House Lyrandar has announced it lost four skyships, though it hasn’t explained how or why. Its considered a major disaster and the crew(s), registered members of the Windwrights Guild, will have their families compensated and the House plans to investigate. There are several blurbs explaining in the last day or so that the undead that had been bothering most large settlements have returned to rest. Most are happy with this turn of events, though a few, having had their recently deceased family return for the past week or so, are anguished by the second loss of their family.

Samhain visits you within your dreams (all but Chrome. He’s a robot). He tells you that the balance has shifted, Dal’Quor, land of dreams, has moved closer to Eberron. Dreams have begun to take on a reality they lacked before, many are waking up with bruises, even small cuts, which they had taken in their dreams. He says this hasn’t happened in 40 thousand years, not since the giants of lost Xendrik used their magic to seal the gates and send Dal’Quor spiraling off out of reach of Eberron. Agents of Riedra have begun to travel more openly around Khorvaire, ostensibly to extend diplomatic relations with Khorvaire, but Samhain knows they’re up to something. He’s caught glimpses of their travel into The Talenta Plains, which doesn’t make much sense if they’re here for diplomatic reasons, unless the tribal halflings have suddenly become more interested in events outside of their tribes, which seems unlikely.


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