Lithium’s contacts via his mother’s side of the family have put together a few pieces of information, and confirmation that if the four lost skyships are found, there will be a reward. Further, if the skyships along with the crew are found, the reward will be even greater. The ships had been hired by a wealthy patron, the crews signed on to confidentiality agreements. The possibility of loss was high, but the patron paid the expensive bonds that House Lyrandar required. Still, they hadn’t asked for enough to truly cover four skyships, since it hadn’t seemed feasible that all four ships had been lost. Working with House Sivas, hundreds of Sendings have been sent out, none of them within reach. This indicates one of two things, either the targets of the Sendings are dead…or they are not in this world any longer.

With that in mind, you have travelled throughout Khorvaire. Some of your travels were to maintain relationships, others were to follow leads. You know the patron who hired the four ships is a dwarf named Borndak Khalvonson. Borndak controls a large portion of the trade in Siberys shards, and is highly ranked Concordian member of the business alliance, The Aurum. Borndak has a reputation for ruthless business negotiations, his competitors in the Siberys trade often backing out of deals rather than to compete directly with him. Borndak works out of Korth, capital of Karnath. Borndak was not on the ships, and is reputed to be quite angry at having lost the four skyships, but not angry enough to close ties with House Lyrandar, after all, all of the Great Houses are huge consumers of Siberys shards. You’ve learned that Borndak is a collector of unique things, that he has a predilection for women who are just as unique as his collection, and that while he considers himself to be one of the foremost scholars on ancient objects and antiquities, in truth his knowledge extends only far enough to impress his trading partners.

As you travel, you hear more of these Riedran ambassadors traveling throughout Khorvaire. It seems wherever you go there are stories of a representative of Riedra making negotiations with the local political leaders. You have yet to see any of these Riedrans, but through several dream sendings, Samhain has encouraged you to follow his lead on Riedrans traveling to the Talenta Plains. It seems that at least four groups of Riedrans have travelled to the Talenta Plains and none of them have left. What could so many Riedrans be doing there? Its up to you to find out.

Having hired a halfling raptor rider by the name of Aug, you have been lead deep into the Talenta Plains. Aug says he was hired by a few people with strange accents (like Denar’s) a year before to take them to one of the old temples. Since then, Riedrans keep coming, though none of them have left. The temple is forbidden, Aug’s people have tails of serpent people with feathered wings eating the insides out of people and sending them back to their camps with monsters hiding iside. However, Aug is glad to take coin to bring foolish Big People to the temple, though he won’t go all the way, just far enough to indicate the path into the valley where the temple lies. Aug says farewell and good luck, and you head into the valley. Brilliant Light. A snake eating its own tail. A pulsing dark sphere sending tendrils of black energy out into the world like a sickly parasitical plant.

Lithium screams, glowing wings stretching out from his back and sinking into everyone’s heads. You open your eyes as if you can see for the first time. You stand in front of a massive obelisk. This large egg-shaped structure is thirty feet tall, engraved with strange swirling patterns which if looked at cause you to get distracted as your eyes follow the curves up ad around, inside and outside, and all you can think of is….eternity. Each time this happens, someone or other interrupts it, breaking you out of your trance, just as you break your allies out of their trances when they look at it. Denar says one thing as he looks at the monolith. “Hanbalani”. He was standing in the middle of a circle formed by the rest of the party, holding up a dagger made of purple crystal, when you all awakened as if from a dream.

It has been nine months. You don’t know what has happened over the past few months, though Theran is angry, he scaled down the cliff, got his own teleport ritual (and gummy bears), and has been teleporting things back and forth between your secret fortress. You never replied to any Sendings from Theran, Samhain, or anyone else. You’ve learned the hanbalani, the obelisk you were standing in front of, was a gift to Fairhaven in Aundair, from Riedra. The obelisk is smaller than the obelisks in Sarlona, which Denar says are well over a hundred feet high. The obelisks radiate peace and tranquility, apparently they are a gesture from Sarlona as a wish for the War to never start again. Wroat, the capital of Breland, Korth of Karnath, and The Great Crag (capital of Droaam) have all accepted these gifts. The rest of the countries are unsure whether to accept the monoliths at this point, though Riedra is supposed to be in intense negotiations to get them outside of all of the major cities of Khorvaire.

Bahrash has grown a pair of wings in the past nine months, though they are still young and have a ways to go yet, the rest of the group has found they too have gained new abilities in the past nine months. Denar retains the crystal dagger, as well as a signed seal granting passage throughout Riedra for himself and his companions. Everyone also finds that they have a few more items while have lost others.


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