A Favor Returned

we had an awesome game yesterday. It was almost nonstop battle, but there was actual roleplaying and game plot interaction the whole time.
The group (which moved 5 years into a post-apocolyptic Eberron future) negotiated with the self-styled Lord of Time to be returned to the past so they could stop the Dalkyr from being released by their failure to retrieve an artifact that did so.
They went to ancient Xendrik to rescue a giant who was imprisoned for experimenting with forbidden magic, they went through a time portal and ended up on a trade route going to the imprisoned giant’s tower which had been taken over by other giants.
While in the forest in ancient xendrik, they heard proto-drow moving up the path carrying a large amount of ore on an oversized tensor’s disc. One of the characters stepped out and bluffed the group into thinking they were from the tower and they’d accompany the group to the tower. Fine, normal enough. Unfortunately for him, one of the players had recently recovered enough of his memories to
remember he wasn’t a peace loving druid but instead a ruthless assassin, so he told the group to assume their places, then unleashed a sneak attack on the protodrow. From there, it went pretty crazy. The peace loving halfelf guy ran off to rescue the imprisoned giant figuring the party who started fighting the elves unnecessarily can handle things themselves
So while the group was fighting, Lithium (the halfelf) surrendered himself to the giants. Brought inside, when they tried to remove all his magic items so he could be thrown in the dungeon downstairs with the renegade giant, he instead, now that he knew where the giant was, transformed into his half-couatl form that has phasing and stepped down through the floor.
There, he saw the giant, but was unable to do more than scratch the adamantite chains, so the giant said to go get the key from his hidden lab. he still had a round of phasing left, so he went back up through the floor into the hidden lab just as the other giants came pounding down the stairs to the dungeon, only to find the giant still imprisoned and no Lithium.
Lithium got the key, but found a giant unfinished version of the oroboros that the “lord of time” uses to manipulate time. So he started suspecting this giant turns into the Lord of Time in the future. Unfortunately without phasing, he had the key but was stuck in the secret lab while he waited for the giants to leave.
meanwhile, the group finished off the proto-drow and some giants that they recovered, then started scouting the tower. At some point, the giants send off another party of giants to see whats going on in the forest, so the group attack. They invade the tower, Lithium sneaks downstairs and rescues Draegoth the giant, and they think things are going well when a lvl 27 storm titan (the Lord they
kept hearing about) comes down and starts knocking everyone down with constant wind storms and lightning strikes. The group ask Draegoth to help, he says if he had the blood of an immortal he could finish his experiment, but otherwise they might have to retreat. People are getting regularly knocked unconscious at this point. Anna has 1 failed death saving throw
Scott volunteers his blood (as a tiefling I allowed it), Draegoth says it must be his hearts blood. Scott says ok, I say he’ll have to make a death saving throw immediately or die, he says ok. He makes it, but hes at 0 bleeding to death. Draegoth activates the oroboros and ages the titan (cuts his hp in half from 500 to 250) Scott fails his next turn, and the turn after that. So many people
are unconscious and the titan is in the middle of the room so its hard for people to get over, finally the warlord dragonborn flies over everything, takes a bunch of damage, but heals Scott just before he dies, bringing him up to half. Draegoth ages the titan a few more times, each time cutting his hp in half, until finally the titan only has 25 hp. Scott takes him nearly down, but everyone is
going to die and 3 more giants who they locked out with a wall of stone (daily utility power) are about to get int, then the assassin uses a daily which of course misses because the titan is still lvl 27 with 40+ defenses, but the power has miss damage because its a daily and the titan dies.
Draegoth opens a time portal and everyone enters, not knowing what they’ll see next.


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